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SPI Technologies On Film


These are a selection of videos that use some of the technologies feature here on S.P.I. that are in use in the Olympic Sports Gym on a daily basis by such athletes as Aaron Cook, Mike Eade, Warrington Wolves, Manchester Titans to name a few. These innovative products are available to view or try at our gym based in Ashton-Under-Lyne. If you wish to know anything further or wish to try any of these products, please get in touch.  Mick Clegg


Mick Clegg Says - "After years of studying and researching the best coaching aids to the development of speed, reaction, agility and brain quickness, FitLight has emerged as superior to all! 

Since acquiring the equipment from FitLight Sports Corp I have been able to assess its usage with the help of some of the top world-leading athletes, both mature and youth, from a number of internationally renowned fields of sports. FitLight is the leader in technological advancement from a global perspective.



Coretex Pivoting on Balance Board Detection through muscular system whilst concentration and Cognitive Conditions. (Total Immersion). We are putting the body in a situation where the system has to stabilize and balance using fine motor control on the muscle fiber connected with the stabilization procedure. Building and re-enforcing the electrical and mechanical systems and opening a gateway for changes in the Neural pathways and subsequently the motor nerve circuits mainly in core and lower body.


Mick Clegg Says - Cognition Training, concentration and multi-tasking.  Cognisense tracker trains to spread attention and process complex movement more efficiently improves action response time to on field activities and perception cognitive ability





Mick Clegg Says - The bike allows the normal raise in heart rate and physical performance engagement during the session, but it engages the brain into its game and focuses massive amounts of concentration but also as you sometimes crash and fall or sometimes just make it over the bridge, the brain is taken into the emotional side of its being (watching people shout at it and jump up as winners) shows a total deep involvement in the session which develops the brain in a different area to the tracker. (Emotional / Aggressive). The fine motor control and balancing aspects that time is used on the upper body and core. 

Total immersion.





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